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In addition to renting gear, we also provide top-notch videographers and production crew. From TelePrompter operators, to stylists, to locations, we know the SF Bay Area production and studio landscape well and are happy to help your project happen with minimal stress.

Tripods, Dollies, & Jibs
DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
The next revolution in camera stabilization is here-- the Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer from DJI. Like the Steadicam before it, this device allows a camera operator to get perfectly smooth handheld shots without handheld shake, but in this case un-encumbered by a full-body mount or vest. The Ronin holds a wide variety of cameras up to 16 pounds, from DSLRs all the way up to the Red Epic, and more.
$300 a day (or weekend)
O'Connor 1030HDS Tripod
Designed to give you the ultimate control and stability for your HD shooting. Featuring OConnor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to this OConnor's stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag specifically enhanced for HD applications, and you've got the best of all possible combinations.
$80 a day (or weekend)

Sachtler Video 18p Tripod

The Sachtler 18 Fluid Head Tripod is fast, reliable and safe. Changing positions? Changing attitudes? In the heat of the moment, one can setup and follow the action smoothly, even with heavy cameras. Does your work require fast unplanned changes? No problem.  The Video 18 can easily handle it, even with a maximum payload, thanks to the lightweight materials and ergonomic design and controls.

$65 a day (or weekend)

Cartoni Focus Tripod

Extremely compact and lightweight, the innovative Focus features a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a unprecedented patented variable counterbalance which brings its range of use to cover all existing ENG and DV cameras. The extreme ruggedness and versatility together with an outstanding quality/price ratio make the Focus the best possible support for news operators and DV videographers alike.

$40 a day (or weekend)

Steadicam Pilot

Need a Steadicam to get that filmic look, want to follow your characters through the jungle 'Lost' style, or maybe re-create a shot similar to the opening to Boogie Nights, this top of the line piece of equipment has you covered.

$275 a day (or weekend)

Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

The Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly is a hybrid slider that combines the lightweight portable rail & carriage system of the standard Kessler Pocket Dolly with the adjustable arc diameter handle and drag control of the CineSlider. Features include drag control and locking, handle with adjustable arc diameter for ultimate movement control, smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing wheels, and an included Manfrotto 502AH fluid head.

$100 a day (or weekend) for Standard Pocket Dolly Kit
$150 a day (or weekend) for Standard Pocket Dolly Kit with Motor

Dana Dolly Slider/Mini Dolly

The Dana Dolly is an easy and portable dolly system that is designed to save serious setup time for short camera moves. The Dana is built with sixteen wheels on floating trucks that make for smooth tracking shots, and its Mitchell Mount can support any camera head.


 $100 a day (or weekend)

Spider Dolly & Track
This dolly is the most portable professional dolly on the market. Combined with a piece of FlexTrak, the simple 3-Leg Spider (see below) converts your tripod into an inexpensive, extremely portable, tracking dolly. Add a fourth leg, and you can further accessorize it, as pictured here, to be a fully rideable dolly with adjustable center column, foot platforms, and pushbar. Three small cases allow it to be checked through as luggage on an airline.
$125 a day (or weekend) dolly and track
$275 a day (or weekend) dolly kit with jib arm

Port-A-Jib Traveler

The Jib-Arm is one of the best ways to add high production value to your project with very little hit on the budget. You can get smooth, sweeping moves that add drama and texture to any piece all in a compact, portable package. If you want to achieve more complex dolly moves then add the rubber track and Spider Dolly to the mix. The FlexTrak allows you to quickly lay down curved paths around people or objects for interesting and beautiful tracking shots.

$175 a day (or weekend) for Jib arm with Tripod
$250 a day (or weekend) for Jib kit with Dolly and Track

Zacuto Hand Held Rig

This Universal Baseplate rod system allows you to mount a matte box, follow focus and monitor or hard drive. The Zamerican arm uses Zacuto Z-Release technology to quickly release the monitor or hard drive to make setup and location moves quick and easy.

$100 a day (or weekend) for basic kit
$150 a day (or weekend) kit with 7" LCD

Manfrotto Fig Rig

The Fig Rig Stabilizer from Manfrotto is non-traditional in design, yet simple and effective. It's a modular system that smoothly supports the DV camera and acts as a frame to mount all the accessories.



$45 a day (or weekend)

Pico Dolly Camera - Table Dolly

The Pico Dolly Camera Table Dolly from Pico Dolly is a simple, easy-to-use dolly for capturing dynamic shots with small camcorders and any other type of video-enabled camera, such as a DSLR, mirrorless, or point & shoot model. Perfect for table-top use or low-angle shots.

 $15 a day (or weekend)

Manfrotto 558B Monopod
The Manfrotto 558B Video Monopod is a light and compact 3 section monopod featuring flip lock levels, and includes a sliding camera plate to adjust the camera's center. Ideal for use with video cameras. The 558B can be used to a maximum height of 62.6", folds to 25.6" and weighs just 2.2lbs.

 $15 a day (or weekend)

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