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In addition to renting gear, we also provide top-notch videographers and production crew. From TelePrompter operators, to stylists, to locations, we know the SF Bay Area production and studio landscape well and are happy to help your project happen with minimal stress.

Audio Gear
Lectrosonic Wireless Mics

Lectrosonic wireless is a high performance compact UHF wireless microphone receiver-transmitter set up for mobile applications such as ENG and film production. The compact size, battery and external power and rugged antennas are ideal for video camera mounted use.

$70 a day (or weekend)

Sound Devices 552 Mixer

Sound Devices presents the 552 Production Mixer, the most technologically advanced portable audio mixer ever made. Using the best analog and digital technologies, along with advanced mechanical construction, the 552 gives professionals a superb sounding, compact, lightweight and power-efficient mixer that is equally at home in simple run-and-gun applications or in complex multi-input, multi-output production setups.


 $125 a day (or weekend)

Sound Devices 302 Mixer

Developed specifically for audio-for-picture applications, the 302 mixer is the perfect tool for productions and camera operators wanting to take control of their audio. The 302 is stunning for its size, flexibility, control and performance; it is the most compact and cost-effective battery-powered professional audio mixer in its class.

$75 a day (or weekend)

Comtek Wireless Audio System

This Comtek wireless monitoring system allows for complete audio monitoring for up to 5 people on set.  Whatever your sound person hears and records is transmitted directly to the Comtek receivers and straight to your director, producers and clients.

 $100 a day (or weekend)

Schoeps Shotgun Mic

The CMIT was nominated for a Technical Achievement award by the C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society) members in the category "Production Technologies".   You will know why with just one use of this great cardioid mic.  With it's three pushbutton-activated filters allowing the microphone to adapt to all recording situations, this mic is very versitile in the field.

$75 a day (or weekend) with boom pole

Senheiser MKH-60 Shotgun Mic
The MKH 60 is a lightweight short gun microphone. It is versatile and easy to handle and its superb lateral sound muting makes it an excellent choice for film and reporting applications. Its high degree of directivity ensures high sound quality for distance applications.
$75 a day (or weekend) w/ boom pole, shock mount, xlr, windscreen
Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic

 The venerable MKH 416 is a compact pressure-gradient microphone with short interference tube, highly immune to humidity due to its RF condenser design. Featuring high directivity, low self noise, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection, the MKH 416 can handle difficult exterior filming and reporting conditions without any difficulty. Supercardioid/lobe pattern, matte black finish, supplied with the MZW415 windscreen

 $60 a day (or weekend) with boom pole

Senheiser MKE-400
The Sennheiser MKE 400 Compact Shotgun Microphone is a professional audio solution for handheld consumer video cameras and larger video cameras alike. The integrated shockmount conveniently mounts the MKE 400 onto any camera accessory shoe while effectively suppressing handling and vibration noise.
$25 a day (or weekend)
Octava MK-012-01 Microphone
The MK-012 is a compact, high quality capacitor microphone with interchangeable capsules to provide a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni-directional polar patterns. The wide, flat response ensures that all sounds are captured with a high degree of accuracy. A -10 dB pad is included for use in high SPL environments.
$15 a day (or weekend)
Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

Record up to 6 tracks simultaneously on the go with this portable recorder!

$40 a day (or weekend)

Zoom H4n Digital Audio Recorder

 Zoom H4n Handy Mobile 4-Track Recorder

 $25 a day (or weekend)

Tascam DR-60D Recorder
The DR-60D from Tascam is a professional linear PCM recorder that allows you to capture up to four simultaneous channels of audio and store your recordings to SD or SDHC memory cards. Designed for recording high-quality audio for DSLR video applications, the DR-60D mounts to a tripod and allows you to screw your DSLR camera into the top of the recorder.
Mackie 1402 VLZ PRO Mixer

 14 chanel line/mic mixer with 6 preamps for your live recording needs.

 $35 a day (or weekend)

Audio Package

We offer this sound package as a kit that makes it easy to pull together the audio portion of your next production.  Why bother with an "a la carte" rental when you could rent this kit and roll it away with no worries or missing pieces?

 $250 a day (or weekend)

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