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In addition to renting gear, we also provide top-notch videographers and production crew. From TelePrompter operators, to stylists, to locations, we know the SF Bay Area production and studio landscape well and are happy to help your project happen with minimal stress.

Sony SxS Cards for EX1 Rental

The compact size of these cards contributes to the design of much lighter and smaller camcorders, such as the EX1 and the EX3, while excellent reliability gives users more opportunity to shoot footage in the harshest of conditions, as there are no moving parts or VTR to speak of. 
SxS PRO was developed with the specific intent of super high speed data transfer. The new memory card improves workflow efficiency by reducing transfer times for large data files such as high-definition video, enabling rapid transfer speed of 800 Mbps. This means almost a quarter of real time.  A half hour of footage usually off-loads in 8-10 minutes.
Sony SxS PRO was developed for increasing the efficiency of workflow, fulfilling the demand from professional camcorders or non-linear video editing systems, and for higher performance and reliability.
Fastest tapeless solution!
$50-100 a day (or weekend) for 16, 32, 64gb cards

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