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In addition to renting gear, we also provide top-notch videographers and production crew. From TelePrompter operators, to stylists, to locations, we know the SF Bay Area production and studio landscape well and are happy to help your project happen with minimal stress.

Cavision Two Stage Adjustable Matte Box Rental

This matte box is known for it's affordability and it's practicality.  Easily adjusting to fit most Pro-consumer cameras, this matte box is a great alternative to more expensive yet less versatile matte boxes.  This matte box can be rigged on it's own rail system, or can adjust to fit other rail systems and hand held rigs that you may have.  This box will hold 4x4 or 4x5.65 filters.
Tech specs:
Filter size: 4x4" fit in all stages, 4x5.65" in stationary stage; up to 4mm thickness
• Filter tray security lock: yes
• Fit Lens Outside Diameter: 120mm and under (with appropriate adapter rings)
•  Construction: Aluminum and ABS
Key Features:
•  Extra wide hard shade specifically designed for HD 16:9 format
• Optional use of 4x5.56" filters in the stationary filter stage
• Fits a large variety of cameras and lenses including both Broadcast and Mini-DV
• Rotating filter stage for use with polarizing and graduated filters
• Highly affordable
• Ideal for use with a Cavision 15mm rods which allow for horizontal and vertical adjustment
• Optional accessories: French Flap


Adjustable and versitile!
$35.00 a day (or weekend)

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